Tarte aux framboises (raspberry tart)

frosted raspberries on tart

Here you have my first straight food-porn post. Um, I mean the first unabashed food-porn post. A birthday nearby was the occasion for making my first tarte aux framboises.

These raspberry tarts (on a smaller scale) are one of my staples when in Paris (alongside religieuses, tartelettes au citron, mille-feuilles, tartelettes au chocolat, macarons, umm… you get the picture, n'est-ce pas? And the occasional vegetable.

No recipe for you today, just pictures. The tart was made using:

  • 250 g pâte sablée (rich sweet shortcrust pastry)
  • 250 ml crème pâtissière (good pastry cream with vanilla bean and a touch of kirsch, in this case)
  • 120 g of fresh raspberries (at A$8/120 grams, I wasn't going to bedeck the tart entirely with berries! If there's a French(wo)man in the audience, I beg forgiveness for the berry-paucity)


empty pastry case

pastry case full of custard

naked raspberries on top of tart

frosted rasperries

full view of tarte aux framboises

It took three people a mere ten polite minutes to reduce this to crumbs.

- DM

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15 responses to “Tarte aux framboises (raspberry tart)”

  1. mutemonkey

    Phwoar…. that's some good food porn, mon ami. Did you whip up the crème pâtissière yourself?

  2. harry

    Quel délice! But I would say that, it being my favourite tart (no comments, please!) And what great photos! Was it the first time you'd made it? And what hints and tips have you got for us, since you're keeping the recipe a trade secret? :p

  3. neil

    I saw those raspberries at that price too. What worries me about them, is when they are that expensive, they are usually not ripe, just little, red acid drops. How were yours? The tart looks magnificent! Well done for making creme patissiere.

  4. Duncan

    @Harry: I wondered if your ears would prick up when you saw raspberries! It was the first time I've tried my hand at doing one of the fruit tarts I love so much. I think I'll have some future tips about crème pâtissière, as I find the recipes often don't yield the product you expect from all those delicious tarts and mille-feuilles in France. Just need to do some testing for that first…

    @Neil: absolutely, I bought the raspberries with great trepidation! Thankfully they were not particularly tart and at room temperature were decently (though not stunningly) flavoured. In part that's why I dusted the tart with icing sugar — to help bring out some of the sweetness and aroma. Thanks for the compliment too:)

  5. Y

    Tart looks fab. It's a pity raspberries are so horribly expensive. When affordable, the best way to decorate with berries is to go OTT – which I can only do while at work.

  6. Goldie

    That look so yummy – you could give Laurent a run for their money. I love raspberries but we don't get them often in QLD and the supermarket ones are crap.

  7. Amelita (Squishy)

    Oh, how delicious does that look. You got it goin on Mister!!!!! I loooooove raspberries, if you don't then you must be shot ;)

  8. Duncan

    @Goldie: Thanks… but I think you overestimate the quality of Laurent! I didn't realise raspberries were a rarity in parts of QLD.

    @Amelita: do people who don't like crappy raspberries get shot too?!

  9. Amelita (Squishy)

    Well now that is the exception :)

  10. windwalker

    The tart looks delicious, do you plan on posting the recipe some time in the future. I live in Tassie with berry farms, owned by friends, just down the road so blueberries, raspberries and strawberries are readily available also I have 4 gooseberry bushes so I suppose you could say we are berry well supplied.

  11. Sarah


    That tart looks incredible. Raspberries, pate sablee and creme patissiere are 3 of my favourite foods. I hate how expensive raspberries are here too! I might have a go of this tart if I'm ever in Europe in summer again, and can blanket the whole thing in cheap cheap raspberries. Would there be any other fruits that would work well with that tart?

    xox Sarah

    p.s. Hehehehe at your opening sentence.



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